Interested in making an offer for is for sale for £1,495. If it's a name you want, and there's a deal to be done, we're here to make it happen.

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Is £1,495 too much for this domain name?

The right domain name doesn't cost money: it earns money.

If it is memorable and adds authority and credibility to your business, it will generate additional revenue for your business. That additional revenue can be substantial as has been demonstrated many times (see How do you increase your turnover by 60% in just one move? for an example).

You can quickly see how the numbers add up for yourself by working out how many additional customers you would need to pay for the domain name. One way of doing this would be to use net profit generated by each customer by using our calculator below.
Calculate how many additional customers would need to attract to pay for itself.
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Even if you understand this straight away, you still won't want to overpay for a domain name. All entrepreneurs love a bargain, and this domain name is a bargain at any price below the additional revenue it will bring because if it earns more than it costs, it's effectively free.

10 Reasons Why A Premium Domain Name Is Good For Business

What is worth to your business?

Occasionally we get offers of £50 or £100 for a domain name. We assume they are from people who confuse value and price. It's the sort of money you spend on a meal out, not a domain name that can transform a business. And if we had priced this domain name at £50 or £100, I can guarantee the opportunity for you to own it would have long gone. Someone else would have bought it. In fact, a competitor would probably be using it now and you would be visiting one of their pages.

How Much Should You Pay For A UK Domain Name?

We price names based on a number of factors developed over 20 years of buying and selling domain names. We think we price domain names fairly, but how we arrive at the asking price isn't what really matters to you. What really matters is what this domain name will bring to your business in terms of additional revenue, and the right domain name will not only pay for itself, it will be a profit generator for years to come.

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