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How do you increase your turnover by 60% in just one move? Change your domain name.

The Best Domain Name For Your Business

With a turnover of $60 million, Shaun McGowan’s Australian car loan business,, was certainly no slouch. But five months later it was turning over $100 million thanks to one change. Shaun bought the domain name,

A premium generic domain name can work wonders for any business. It will not only tell potential customers what your business can offer them - in this case car loans - it will be instantly memorable too. Shaun's business is in Australia and names are the Australian equivalent of the UK's domain names.

"There is a natural assumption the biggest, oldest companies have the premium generic domain names," Shaun told Smart Company. "In terms of the domain name investment, the name paid itself back within four months."

"People assume it’s the biggest and the best car loans business now."

That's exactly what happens when you upgrade to a premium domain name. Customers instinctively think is the place to go to buy widgets.

The benefits can be unexpected too. "The moment we launched CarLoans, we had a 35% drop in our AdWord spend."

Turnover jumped by 60% and the cost of the domain name was quickly recouped. "In terms of the domain name investment, the name paid itself back within four months."

The hardest part for Shaun was probably the two years of negotiation required to buy the domain name!

But what about the time and money you've invested in the domain name you've been using to date? Not a drop of it needs to be wasted. You can continue to use it.

Any number of domain names can point to the same website. So you can use any new purchase from day one by redirecting it to your existing website (something your web people will be able to do in seconds and for no cost). Then when you're next redeveloping your web presence or are ready to rebrand, use your premium domain name as your main domain name and redirect your old domain name to your new website. Job done!

Of course, the same is true for any domain names registered defensively. A defensive registration is when you buy a domain name to prevent a competitor, present or future, from using it. Such registrations should be redirected to your existing website so that you benefit from them directly.

If you require help or advice implementing domain name redirection, we're more than happy to help. It's all part of the after-sales service we offer clients who buy a domain name via Brandwise.

Buy with Confidence

George Marshall, the founder of Brandwise, has been buying and selling names on the domain aftermarket since 1999.

George is a Nominet Member and a Nominet Registrar, bound by both the Members' code and the Registrars' code of conduct. Specifically this requires Members to deal with any person, business or other organisation in a respectful, professional and courteous manner.

Buy from us with complete peace of mind. All payments are held in escrow by an independent third party,, until the domain name transfer to you is complete.

We guarantee that all domain sales and transfers are dealt with promptly and we continue to work with customers after the transfer of ownership to ensure that they have complete control of the purchased domain name via a Registrar of their choice. In short, we'll look after you.

Save on Domain Renewals

The registration period of all domain names sold via Brandwise for £199 or more will be extended to 2020 with our compliments!

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