Online Marketing Strategy: Driving Your Business To Success

There is no shortage of people who can build websites. The kid next door can knock one up for you. But without a marketing strategy, your online business is going nowhere.

"Are we there yet?"

Not what you want to hear from the back seat of the car when you’ve a long drive ahead and you’ve barely left the driveway.

But it’s not just kids who are impatient. Today, everybody is impatient. I’m impatient. You’re impatient. You want a new website, or a website redesign, and you want it yesterday!

This is music to the ears to most website designers. Music to their ears and money in their pockets because it's not difficult to knock out a website in double-quick time. It really isn't.

Too many web design companies will do little more than find out what business you're in and then download a suitable website template from the internet. If you are an estate agent, they will find a Wordpress template for an estate agent website. If you run a car dealership, they will download a car dealership template. They will then add some content and images, and Bob's your uncle. Here's your me-too website and here's my invoice.

But if all you want is a website, you're not sitting in the driving seat. You're now the kid in the back asking, "Are we there yet?".

That's because what you need isn't a website, it's a website with purpose. Forget all the bells and whistles for a moment because a proper website increases sales, leads to more appointments, gets more sign-ups.

A proper website doesn't just look pretty, it delivers.

So, if you are serious about being successful online, a much better question to ask is: "Where are we going?"

An Online Marketing Strategy Drives You Towards Success

Your business will never fulfill its online potential if you're driving around aimlessly without a clear destination in mind.

So our advice to you is very simple indeed.

If you don’t know where you're going, don’t spend a single penny on a website or on SEO or on content or on anything else until you do.

You, my friend, are in need of a plan and that’s where an online marketing strategy comes in.

An online marketing strategy is a plan of action that details how you are going to reach out to potential customers online and get them to buy your products or services. Nothing is more important to your online success.

To be successful online, you need to know where your business is today and where you want it to be in six months or a year from now. Then you need a route to follow, a road map, to get you from A to B, and you need that road map in place before you get that all-singing all-dancing website.

Before we do anything for you, we will work with you to create an online marketing strategy for your business.

All marketing strategies involve three key phases:

  • Planning - decide where you want your business to go and how you are going to get there

  • Implementation - putting the plan into action so that you move towards your end destination

  • Tracking - using what are called Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to make sure you are on track

  • Developing such a strategy gives your business direction and allows you to focus your resources on achieving your goals.

    And once you have that strategy in place, we can build you a website, create content, optimise that content, and so much more, to give your business an online presence that puts the pedal to the metal.

    Think of strategy as your new superpower

    Strategy is at the heart of everything we do.

    We think it should be front and centre of everything you do too because of how much it will benefit your online presence. Think of it as your new superpower. Use it wisely and it can help you transform your business.

    Depending on your needs, it can take anything from an hour-long Zoom call to a day on-site at your premises to get a good understanding of your business and what we can do to help you overcome challenges and realise your goals.

    If you'd like to develop an online marketing strategy with Brandwise, we're all ears. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat to see if we're a good fit and we can take it from there.

    Based in Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders, Brandwise specialises in working with small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK (did we tell you we're good with road maps?).

    Online Marketing Strategy: Driving Your Business To Success

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