Web Design That Will Make Your Till Ring

What noise does a website made by Brandwise make? Kerching!

To be successful, a website must have a purpose.

For businesses, that purpose is typically to generate leads or increase sales.

And to serve that purpose, you need two things: traffic and conversions. You need to get traffic to your website in the form of visitors, and you need to convert as many of those visitors into customers.

That means the purpose of a website is to make your till ring.

Not many web designers will tell you this, but everything else is window dressing. A website can have bells and whistles galore, but if it doesn't convert visitors into leads and customers, it isn't doing its job.

That's why we are fanatical about results-orientated website design. We want to make you a website that makes your till ring.

Horses for courses

We can design and build everything from a "brochure" style website, showcasing your small business, to a fully-scalable e-commerce website ready to take customer orders online 24/7. The cost of a website will depend on the size and complexity of what is required. Our prices start at £799, but an all-singing all-dancing website consisting of lots of pages will obviously require a much bigger budget. Once we know more about what you want, we can give you a no-obligation quote.

Rome doesn't need to be built in a day, however. Websites can and do develop over time, growing as your business grows, so you don't need to go big or go home on day one.

And bear in mind, a six page website that serves a purpose is better than a six hundred page one that doesn't.

Depending on the project, we like to work with OpenCart, Wordpress and good old html.

Hangin' on the telephone

In April, 2020, Statista published some very interesting research about how people connect to the internet. Here's what they found:

  • 60% use a smartphone
  • 16% a laptop
  • 12% an iPad or tablet
  • 8% a desktop computer
  • 1% a smart TV

  • That means almost three-quarters of people are now using a smartphone or tablet to connect to the internet. Once 5G rolls out in this country, expect that figure to climb even higher. Which means your website has to be mobile-friendly. It absolutely has to look as good on a smartphone as it does a computer screen.

    That's where mobile-friendly website design comes in. Every website we build has a responsive design. This means that the design automatically responds to the device being used. If someone visits your website using a mobile device, they will see the mobile version of your website. If someone visits your site on a desktop, they will see the desktop version.

    The importance of mobile-friendly website design is underlined by the fact that Google is now using mobile-first indexing for all websites. This means your website is judged by how it appears on a mobile device. If it falls short in any way, expect your search engine rankings to plummet.

    The need for speed

    Hold on to your hat because the move to mobile has brought something else to the fore: the need for speed.

    If your website is slow, you are in trouble. Visitors will lose patience and go elsewhere to spend their money.

    Google is also big on user-experience and it will punish you if your web pages are slow to load. It has set a page-load speed benchmark of under three seconds. That's because in 2016, Google published research that found 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a web page doesn’t load within three seconds. Given how impatient we've become, my guess is that 53% is a gross underestimate in 2020. Only the truly desperate will wait that long for a web page to load these days.

    Needless to say, we are adrenaline junkies when it comes to the speed of your website. We will build you a website that is greased-lightning fast.

    Don't take our word for it. You can test the speed of this or any other website using Google's Page Speed Checker. If you've got an existing website, you can see how fast it is too.

    Come join the party

    Another thing. We make it easypeasy for YOU to update your own website.

    Need to update a price? Do it yourself in seconds. Spotted a typo? Fix it now. Want to add a new article about how fabulous you are? You can do that too.

    To allow you to do this, your website will come complete with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). If you've ever owned a Wordpress-based website, you'll have used a CMS before. If you haven't, we'll show you the ropes.

    Being able to update your own website has two massive benefits: you save money, and you make the changes when you want, be that at three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

    We do also offer optional ongoing website maintenance if required, including annual MOTs to make sure everything is tickety-boo.

    Found you!

    There's no point building you a shiny new website if customers struggle to find you online.

    You can sleep easy, however, because your website will be fully optimised to appear in search engines.

    We can also provide ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website, and indeed for existing websites. And at Brandwise, we don't cut corners or use dubious tricks to get your website to rank. We just do proper SEO.

    The complete package

    One last thing. For your website to go live, it will need to be "hosted" on a server connected to the web 24/7. We provide UK-based hosting for websites with round-the-clock expert support, so we've got you covered there too.

    Want us to build or redesign your website?

    Interested in a fast, mobile-friendly website that's optimised for the search engines, easily-updated, and raring to go? Get in touch and we can talk about making you a website that says kerching!

    Web Design That Will Make Your Till Ring

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