A Treasure Chest Of Domain Names For Sale!

Every great website starts with a domain name.

The right domain name will increase traffic to your website, reduce marketing costs both offline and online, and boost profits. And it will do this for you 24/7, 365 days a year, year after year after year. That's why we love domain names, and it's why we have amassed a treasure chest full of high quality domains names for you to choose from.

Names like Markets.co.uk, Voyages.co.uk, Empower.co.uk, Entrepreneur.co.uk, QQ.co.uk, Safaris.co.uk, Cow.co.uk, Hurry.co.uk, GU.co.uk, Lent.co.uk, PetSit.co.uk, Knit.uk, Strongman.co.uk, Bras.co.uk, BusinessIdeas.co.uk, Congratulations.co.uk, Hosiery.co.uk and Tech.uk. Names that shout market leader to customers who expect the best names to be owned by the biggest companies.

If you are looking for a domain name for a start-up, or are thinking of rebranding your existing website, chances are we've got the perfect name for you. What's more, you can spread the cost over 12 months at no additional cost and you can use the name while you make those payments!

Keep scrolling if you fancy a rummage.

A Treasure Chest Of Domain Names For Sale!

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Lease to buy available

With our lease to buy option you can now spread the cost of a domain name over a period of up to 12 months at no extra cost.

You get exclusive use of the domain name during the lease period and will own it outright on making the final instalment payment.

And because you get to use it from the first payment, you can put it to work for you from day one, allowing it to contribute towards its own cost. It may end up paying for itself before the final payment is even due.

Buying a domain name from Brandwise is easy!

Choose your domain name
Choose your domain name and reserve it with a £100 deposit. That takes it off the market and we can then arrange for the balance to be paid or set up a lease-to-buy monthly instalment plan.
We transfer the domain name to you
We take care of everything to ensure that the domain name is officially transferred into your name or that of your business. You will then become the owner of the domain name (the Registrant in official-speak!)
You're now the proud owner of a new domain name!
We will help you move the domain name to a domain name company of your choice so that you can manage it and develop it going forward. You are then free to do whatever you want with it - redirect it to an existing website or develop it as a brand new website for example.

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Top domain name sales in 2024

1. Cruden.co.uk £14,000
2. Teeth.co.uk £10,000
3. gj.co.uk£7,400
4. epp.co.uk £6,000
5. Wunda.co.uk £6,000
6. helptobuy.org.uk £5,700
7 Kecks.co.uk £5,500
8, SmartPhone.uk £4,875
9. Mood.co.uk £4,800
10. Veralab.co.uk £4,775

Biggest ever UK domain sales

1. Money.co.uk £1,200,000
2. Cruises.co.uk £1,100,000
3. Cruise.co.uk $1,099,798
4. Gold.co.uk £600,000
5. Furniture.co.uk £501,000
6. WebHosting.co.uk £500,000
7. Recycle.co.uk £308,000
8. FreeCreditReport.co.uk $300,000
9. IT.co.uk £187,200
10. Phones.co.uk £175,000
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