Spread the cost of a domain name with our Lease to Buy option

Our Lease to Buy option not only makes a domain name more affordable, but because you can use it from day one it could even pay for itself!

Choosing the right domain name for your business The right domain name can be an incredible marketing tool for you and your business.

It will work for you around the clock, 365 days a year, year and after year, returning its purchase price many times over.

It can propel a start-up to the front of the pack simply because the best domain names are recognised as being owned by market leaders.

It can help reduce marketing spend by making it easy for customers old and new to find you online.

The problem is the right domain name will always have a market value and the asking price may be more than you would want to invest in one go.

Lease to buy to the rescue!

With our lease to buy option you can now spread the cost of a domain name over a period of up to five years.

You get exclusive use of the domain name during the lease period and will own it outright on making the final instalment payment.

And because you get to use it from the first payment, you can put it to work for you from day one, allowing it to contribute towards its own cost. It may end up paying for itself before the final payment is even due.

So how does the lease to buy option work?

First, let us know the domain name you wish to purchase and we will reserve it for you pending your first payment.

Then, you choose the monthly instalment price that works for you.

Up to 12 months is the most popular option. If you require a longer repayment period, our escrow partners charge a 10-30% markup to cover additional costs so please bear this in mind.

When you make your first payment, the name will be removed from the market and it is then exclusively yours to use.

The domain name will be held in escrow for you while monthly payments are made. When you make the final instalment payment, the domain name will be officially transferred to you.

You can also stop payments should you wish to do so. Circumstances change and this means you are not tied into a long-term contract you no longer want. In this case, payments made to date will be kept by the seller and the name will also be released from escrow and returned to the seller. You will also be released from the payment contract.

Here at Brandwise, we specialise in helping UK businesses find the perfect domain name. Our Lease to Buy option means that the perfect domain name is more affordable than ever.

If there is a name you are interested in purchasing, please contact us and we can discuss price and payment terms. Before you know it, you could be the owner of the perfect domain name for your business or start-up!

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