No Contract SEO

No Contract SEO? Groovy, Man!

While you’re an SEO client of ours, we will work our cotton socks off for you in a bid to get you the results you want. But if we fall short in any way, you’re welcome to leave at any time. No drama, no hissy fits, no penalties.

"I'm free, to do what I want, any old time!"

Wouldn’t it be great to live your life like this? To be free, to do what you want, any old time?

To roll like, er, a Rolling Stone?

Well, when it comes to SEO, we're singing from the same hymn sheet, my friend.

We know nobody likes to be tied into long contracts, particularly in uncertain times like these.

And we're old-fashioned enough to think a handshake seals a deal, even if it's a virtual one.

That’s why we want to set your business free with our No Contract SEO.

No Contract SEO

A lot of SEO agencies do insist on monthly contracts, so why don't we? For two good reasons:

  • We really do believe SEO should be contract-free.
    Which means we will work our cotton socks off for you for as long as you want us to, and not a day longer. If you no longer require our services, for whatever reason, just say the word and we will down tools. No drama. No exit fees. No tantrums.

  • We believe you should only pay for SEO when you need it.
    Working with us is like having your own in-house SEO team, but one you only have to pay when you use it. When we pitch for your business, we will tell you exactly what we will do to optimise your website, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. And because you will know the total cost from day one, there really is no need for never-ending contracts.

  • Proper SEO without the long contracts

    Our number one priority is always to get your website fully-optimised so that it can benefit from more search engine traffic ASAP.

    Depending on the size of your site and the current level of optimisation, this can take days, weeks, even months, but the point is it needs done, and the sooner the better.

    That's why we don't think Proper SEO is something that you do for a few hours a month.

    Of course optimising a website is something that you can drag out. That's what most monthly SEO contracts buy you. But search engine optimisation will get your website ranking highly for relevant keyword searches, and the closer to today that happens, the faster your business will benefit.

    And that's why we recommend getting the job done in as short a time frame as possible. And because we choose to work with fewer clients than most other SEO agencies, we know we will be able to devote the time necessary to do exactly that. Like it says above, it'll be like having your own SEO team at your service.

    Proper SEO. No strings attached.

    Once we have completed the optimisation of your website, we will always pause to take stock. That typically means two months of analysing data to see what impact the campaign has had on rankings.

    That's two months of little or no SEO changes, but that's okay. It is always better to optimise a website, give those changes time to bear fruit, and then go again if need be.

    We have worked with clients who have been told that if SEO isn't done every month, they will lose their rankings. This is complete nonsense. That's not how SEO works, and if anyone tells you otherwise, run a mile. If you are constantly making changes to a website to improve its ranking, you can't possibly know what's worked and what hasn't. That's why we call it headless-chicken SEO.

    To be very honest, for some small websites operating in less competitive markets, optimising a site once will be all that's required, at least for a good while. There really is no need to keep paying a monthly fee for SEO in such circumstances.

    If we think that's the case for your website, we will tell you so. We don't want you to pay for a service you don't need. Not that we will be abandoning you. We will continue to monitor your search engine rankings at no additional cost to you and we will send you a complimentary quarterly report with our findings. If rankings are slipping or we see opportunities for you to further expand your search engine profile, we'll let you know. We can then look at doing another SEO campaign together.

    For clients in more competitive markets, a fully optimised website will be the best of starts, but there will be lots of opportunities to continue to do more. Again, we will want to wait two months so that we can monitor how the original changes play out, but will be using that time to plan the next phase of the campaign.

    We'll then pitch our ideas for this next phase, tell you how long it will take, and give you a price. If you are happy to go ahead, it'll be all systems go again. Once completed, we'll wait another two months, see how things are going, and go again if required. But always with you knowing what we will do and at what price, and always with the opportunity for you to say no.

    Oh yes, and you'll get our quarterly reports so you'll know exactly how things are going every step of the way.

    Let's work together!

    Come on now people, let's get on the ball, and work together. Come on, come on let's work together!

    A wee bit of Canned Heat for any blues fans out there before the final sales pitch.

    And here it is. No Contract SEO. Like having your own dedicated SEO team. Solid blocks of SEO, not the odd hour here and there. Pay only for work done. What's not to like?

    So, if we sound like the kind of SEO agency that you would like to work with, let's get it on!

    Just fill in the form on our Contact page to get the ball rolling.

    Brandwise offers Search Engine Optimisation and other online marketing services to businesses and organisations in Edinburgh and throughout the Borders including in Galashiels, Hawick, Peebles, Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose, Earlston, Coldstream and Eyemouth, as well as Carlisle and Berwick. We also provide SEO to clients elsewhere in the UK.

    Last updated: 3rd November 2020

    No Contract SEO? Groovy, Man!
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