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What can SEO do for your Liverpool business?

Prepare to be amazed as SEO turns your website into your best salesperson in Liverpool!

Pick a card.

Any card.

Was it the three of clubs? Nine of diamonds? Six of hearts?

We give up.

Truth be told, we aren't very good at magic.

That's quite an admission for a business offering SEO services in Liverpool or anywhere else for that matter.

All too often, SEO is sold as some sort of dark art known only to a select few magicians. These wizards know the secrets of how to trick search engines into sending your website more visitors than turn up at Anfield or Goodison on a Saturday afternoon to watch Liverpool and Everton.

But SEO ain't a kind of magic.

Sure, there are SEO companies plying their trade in Liverpool who will tell you that it is. Others will jealously guard their "secrets", leaving you completely in the dark regarding what they're doing to optimise your website. There will even be those who really don't know what they are doing, who will use the dark arts in an attempt to game search engine results, and will leave your website out in the cold when Google slaps a penalty on it.

Here's a handful of SEO techniques that will land you in trouble:

  • Participating in link schemes or link farms - including buying links or adding links with optimised anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

  • Creating low quality pages with little or no original content

  • Keyword stuffing - the practice of loading a web page with keywords in an attempt to manipulate a site's ranking in the search results

  • Hiding text and links such as white text on a white background or setting the font size to 0

  • Cloaking - when you present different content or URLs to human users and search engines

  • Run a mile (or even the Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon) before you sign up to an SEO company offering any of the above.

    The goal of SEO is to put you on that first page of search results. And as close to the top of that first page as possible.

    So what is SEO?

    SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. Here's how Google defines it:

    "Search engine optimisation: the process of making your site better for search engines."

    Better for search engines? Is that it? No rabbits out of top hats? No sawing in half the Man Utd fan in accounts?

    Nope. Just making your site better for search engines.

    What does it mean by that? Well, Google's mission statement is: "To organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful." To do that, they crawl the internet looking for web pages, discover what those pages are about, and then provide a list of those pages that best match whatever a Google user is searching for.

    For example, if you use Google to search for "Liverpool restaurants", you'll be presented with page after page after page of links to web pages that offer information about restaurants in Liverpool. Within a second, Google will produce a long list of millions of pages that are related to that search term. 

    Now, nobody is going to wade through millions of pages, but they don't need to. Google wants you to quickly find what you searched for and so ranks each page in terms of relevance.

    Google and other search engines like Bing are experts at doing this. So good in fact that most people don't go beyond the first page or two to find exactly what they were searching for.

    Liverpool! Say hello to Proper SEO!

    And here's where Brandwise comes in.

    We don't trade in magic beans. We don't baffle you with bullshit. And we certainly don't promise to "get your website to the top of Google" by using underhand tactics that go against Google's quality guidelines and could cost you your business.

    We will do exactly what Google asks us to do: optimise your website's pages to make your site better for search engines.

    We use SEO to put you on that first page for searches relevant to your business. And as close to the top of that first page as possible.

    No tricks. No magic. No shortcuts. Just Proper SEO.

    This will mean more visitors to your website who will want to buy your products, use your services, support your cause.

    And who doesn't want that for themselves, their brand, business, charity or organisation?

    To find out more about how Brandwise can use SEO and other online marketing techniques to grow your business, let's meet for a coffee and a no-obligation chat. Just fill in the form on our Contact page to get the ball rolling.

    We promise not to bring a deck of cards.

    Brandwise offers Proper SEO and other online marketing services to businesses and organisations in Liverpool and throughout Merseyside.

    Last updated: 19th September 2020

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