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Startup? Leap-frog the competition with a great domain name

If you are a business startup looking for a competitive advantage from day one, think very carefully about your choice of domain name.

The fact that the best domain names have been registered years ago may make you go down the road of a made-up "brandable" word for a domain name, something that you can register for a few pounds, but that's often false economy.

If you go down that route be prepared to spend a fortune on brand name recall and recognition, particularly if your startup isn't the next Facebook, eBay or Google. Companies like that could have called themselves anything they wanted to (and they did) because in the end they succeeded despite their brand name, not because of it.

And although practically all of the best names have all been registered, not all of them have been or are being used and many are available to purchase on the domain name aftermarket. That gives rise to an amazing opportunity for a startup to pick up the perfect domain name despite coming late to the party.


When experience-days website,, launched into a mature market, it was never going to be easy. “There are probably ten reasonable sized companies selling what we sell,” Richard Kershaw of told DomainSherpa. “There are three that are very big. And we’re trying to square up to these monster companies.” has succeeded though by thinking outside of the box with experiences like romantic weekend for three, riot training days and zombie shopping mall experiences, but what set them on the path to success from day one was a great domain name bought on the aftermarket.

“I think, initially, we underestimated the value of having a domain like this. I think the biggest factor... alongside all the other benefits – it’s memorable, it’s easy to spell and so on – is the fact that it lets us punch above our weight."

Punching above your weight from day one helps you win a lot of those early battles critical to business success.

“If we’re looking to work with another company, or even from the
customer’s point of view, having a domain like adds a lot of legitimacy to the brand."

Bag A Brilliant Name For Your Start-Up At Brandwise

Here at Brandwise we make it as easy as possible for businesses old and new to buy domain names that might be out of their immediate price range by offering an instalment payment option. This allows you to pay for your domain name over a period of up to 12 months while being able to use it from day one - meaning that it can start paying for itself from day one too.

You could even end up with the strength of the domain name bringing in enough business to pay for itself entirely before your final instalment is even due.

Ready to play leap-frog? Brandwise specialises in helping you find the perfect domain name to give you a competitive advantage.

Startup? Leap-frog the competition with a great domain name
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