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Is your website hiding from Google? If it's not properly optimised, it may well be. Some Proper SEO will sort you out.


There you are.

We were wondering where you were hiding.

Hide and seek was one of my favourite games as a child, but it's not something you want to play with potential customers.

You might be the very best at what you do or sell, but if customers can’t find you online, it's a lose-lose situation. They lose out by not finding out how good you are, and you lose out on business.

When customers and clients come looking, you want to be the kid who jumps out from behind the sofa, screaming, "Here I am!"

How do you do that?

By being found on Google.

Google dominates online search not just in the UK, but around the world. According to research by Statista, 86% of all UK online searches are conducted using Google. Bing comes in a poor second with just one in ten searches using its search engine.

This means that if people aren't finding you on Google, they probably aren't finding you at all.

Not only that. Most people find what they are looking for on the very first page of search results. They rarely have no need to venture beyond that first page. So if your website isn't appearing on the first page for search terms crucial to the success of your business, you need to act. You need to get in the game.

Fortunately, there are a number of opportunities for your business to do just that.

The first is to pay to appear either towards the top or bottom of the search engine results via Google Ads. Costs vary depending on demand, with highly competitive search terms commanding the highest prices. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) because you only pay when your ad is clicked, not when it is displayed. It is also called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), although SEM can also mean all forms of search engine marketing, not just PPC.

The second way is Google My Business. This allows a business to appear on Google's search result pages even when they don't have a web presence. It is a key component of Google's drive towards local search and is most readily identified with the Google Maps that appear near the top of local search result pages. Google My Business is free and a must for your business if it has a physical presence in a town or city. We can help you get listed with Google My Business and we can also help you optimise your Google My Business listing for maximum results.

Third we have Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. There are other avenues to explore, such as making sure you are in a position to capitalise on the new Find Results On carousel that appears at the top of some search pages, but for now, I want to focus on SEO.

Below the ads. maps and anything else Google decides to display, you will find a list with links to web pages that best match the search query. These listings are known as the organic Search Engine Results Pages or organic SERPs.

Unlike with Google Ads, you don't pay to show up in the organic SERPs, but the higher up the listings your web pages appear, the more likely you are to attract customers. Why? Because people tend to click on the listings near the top of the first page of SERPs.

And this is where SEO comes in. It can help your website's pages appear as close to the top of the first page of results for search terms relevant to the goods or services you offer.

SEO means you will be found on Google.

No more hide and seek.

Proper SEO for proper businesses.

Because SEO is fundamental to the success of your website, it should be integral to your website's design. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Most web designers have little or no SEO expertise. Others rely heavily on free SEO plugins like Yoast, particularly if they are working with Wordpress templates to design you a website. Yoast can be a valuable SEO tool, particularly if you are on a budget, but it is no substitute for the human eye and Proper SEO.

Here at Brandwise, we offer Proper SEO.

Proper SEO that gets you ranking for key search terms on Google and other search engines like Bing.

We're not like most other SEO agencies, however.

For example, we don't do contracts. We only offer No Contract SEO

We just don't believe in making our clients stay with us a moment longer than they want to, particularly if we are not delivering results. We will work for you only as long as you want us to, and while we do, we will be doing our very best work for you. But if you no longer require our services, for whatever reason, you can simply say goodbye. No penalties, no drama.

Another thing. We don't collect clients.

We know that proper SEO requires time, and it just isn't possible to devote that time to each client if you have too many.

That's why we have no more than four to ten SEO clients on our books at any one time.

If we sound like the kind of SEO agency that you would like to work with, and you are in the Scottish Borders, let's talk.

We can learn about your business, find out what you want to achieve online, and will then develop a plan for how we think we can help you meet your goals. If you like what we come up with, we can take it from there.

To find out more about how Brandwise can use SEO and other online marketing techniques to grow your business, let's meet for a coffee and a no-obligation chat. Just fill in the form on our Contact page to get the ball rolling.

Brandwise offers Search Engine Optimisation and other online marketing services to businesses and organisations in Edinburgh and throughout the Borders including in Galashiels, Hawick, Peebles, Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose, Earlston, Coldstream and Eyemouth, as well as Carlisle and Berwick. We also provide SEO to clients elsewhere in the UK.

Last updated: 3rd November 2020

Get Found On Google with Proper SEO
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