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  • Create email addresses
    Create email addresses associated with Flint.uk, such as:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • Use this domain name in your online and offline marketing.
  • This might be your one chance to own Flint.uk. Don't miss it!
    Remove Flint.uk from the market immediately when you buy it now.
    One-off payment. No hidden costs.
    Same day transfer of ownership if bought during business hours.
    • Flint is a type of mineral quartz and the flint.uk domain name has a wide range of commercial uses

    • Flint is also a surname

    • Flint is also a town in Wales with a population of around 13,000

    • Typically there are 18,100 searches for the term 'Flint' every month in the UK via Google alone

    • Never before available and never previously developed

    • Build a website on this domain or use it for marketing purposes and direct it to your existing website

    • Use email addresses associated with this domain such as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]. Indeed, you could roll it out, allowing any resident of Flint to have an email address @flint.uk

    • Escrow service available on this domain name offering payment protection prior to domain name transfer and complete peace of mind

    • Transfer fees are included in price

    • As a guide to related sales, Glasgow.uk sold for £6,700 in July 2019, Blackpool.uk sold for £5,600 in November 2019, Edinburgh.uk sold for £4,900 in July 2019, Melrose.co.uk sold for £4,450 in May 2011, Croydon.co.uk sold for £9,000 in April 2009, Whitstable.co.uk sold for £12,000 in January 2015, Gove.uk sold for £8,200 in July 2022, Miller.uk sold for £4,150 in July 2019 and Maguire.co.uk sold for £5,000 in August 2018
    Payment Protection
    Escrow-protected payments
    Fast Domain Transfers
    Transfered to you within 24 hrs
    Aftersales Support
    From Nominet Registrar
    Leasy To Buy Payment Plans
    Up to 12 months to pay

    Pay for Flint.uk by monthly instalment over 12 months at no extra cost!

  • So how does the lease to buy option work?
  • 1
    Choose your domain name and payment period
    First, let us know the domain name you wish to purchase and what payment period works best for you.
    The domain name is held in escrow
    We will then reserve the name for you and arrange for the domain name to be held in escrow. This protects your payments and guarantees you exclusive use of the name during the lease to buy period.
    Use the domain name from first payment. Own it on your last payment.
    The great thing about our lease to buy option is you can use the domain name from your first payment, and will own it outright on making the final payment. This means that by the end of the lease to buy period, the domain name may have even paid for itself!

    Flint.uk could be all yours from just £ a month!


    Use from first payment
    All yours on final payment
    No mark-up if paid for over 12 months
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  • What is the process for buying Flint.uk?
  • 1. Click the buy now button
    Click the buy now button and purchase Flint.uk through the checkout. Once the checkout process is complete Flint.uk is taken off the market automatically.

    2. We transfer the domain name to you
    We take care of everything to transfer Flint.uk into your name or that of your business. You will then become the owner of Flint.uk (the Registrant in official-speak!).

    3. You're now the proud owner of a new domain name!
    We will help you move Flint.uk to a domain name company of your choice so that you can manage it and develop it going forward. You are then free to do whatever you want with it - redirect it to an existing website or develop it as a brand new website for example.
  • Will I own the name after making payment?
  • Yes, if paying in full at time of purchase, ownership will be transferred to you usually within the hour (purchases made outside of business hours will be done the following day). If paying by instalment, you can use the name from the first payment, but will not own it until the final payment is made.
  • How do I know I will get the domain name after paying?
  • We can arrange for your payment(s) to be held in escrow until transfer of ownership is complete. Only then will your payment be released. If paying in instalments, the domain name itself is held in escrow for your protection. We pay all escrow costs.
  • How will I take control of the name?
  • Once transfer of ownership is complete, we will work with you to move the name to a Registrar of your choice so that you can manage it going forward.
  • Does the domain name come with a website?
  • No, you are purchasing just the domain name. We can quote for web design if you wish and can offer favourable rates to those purchasing a domain name. Alternatively, you can get whoever you want to build your website.
    For answers to more common questions, see our full Domain Name FAQ.
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