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Many an internet success story starts with a domain name. Brandwise can help you turn your business idea into a successful online business with a number of additional services including bespoke website design, website hosting, and online marketing.

Let Brandwise design your new website

Virtual real estate agents

Here at Brandwise, we specialise in helping you find the best domain name for your business.

Our domain name services include:

• safe and secure domain name sales from the Brandwise inventory of names

• domain name acquisition - we can help you buy a name even if it isn't listed for sale on Brandwise

• domain name monitoring - we alert you to any changes in a domain name's status

Website architects

We can also help you turn your domain name into a fully-fledged online business thanks to our 20 years experience of domain name development, website design and online marketing.

We specialise in results-orientated website design.

A website can have bells and whistles galore, but if it doesn't convert visitors into leads and customers, it isn't doing its job.

Your website will be fully responsive, meaning it will look just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a computer screen. With more than half of all website visitors now using mobile devices, this is now more important than ever.

And we can design and build everything from a "brochure" style website, showcasing your business, to a fully-fledged e-commerce website ready to take customer orders online 24/7.

Hosting services

We can also provide cost-effective hosting for your website with round-the-clock support as standard.

Email addresses

Our hosting packages include email addresses related to your domain name.

Internet marketing

Your website will be fully optimised for search engines so that your business benefits from being ranked in search results by Google, Bing and other search engines.

We can also offer ongoing search engine optimisation for your website on a monthly basis.

For a no-obligation chat about how we an help you move your business idea forward, please email hello@brandwise.co.uk.

The Brandwise Web Design Difference

Bespoke Design
Custom-coded website using a lightweight framework to maximise page speeds while still being fully customisable.

Mobile Optimised
Responsive websites that look as good on a mobile phone as they do on a computer screen

Web pages that are optimised so that they appear in search engine results

Maintenance options available including adding content and ongoing SEO

E-Commerce websites using OpenCart or Magento so that you can accept orders online

Wordpress is a widely used content management system that you may be familiar with and one we are happy to develop for you.
Choosing the right domain extension for your business can be every bit as important as choosing the right domain name.

There are two main contenders for British businesses: .com or .co.uk. These two are so deeply ingrained in the UK public's psyche that using any other extension and you immediately put your business at a disadvantage.

So which one should you choose?

If you are trading internationally - with offices around the globe, for example - a .com domain name is the way forward.

That's because .com has global appeal.

That global appeal comes at a price however because the competition to buy the best dotcoms is also global. Added to this is the fact that American businesses tend to use dotcoms as if they were American (the .us domain extension has never gained any real traction Stateside). This means that you will need very deep pockets to buy a decent dotcom, with the very best ones regularly changing hands for hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not seven figures. Reported sales alone show that the aftermarket for .com domain names is worth over a billion dollars a year (and many sales go unreported).  

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All prices and information are thought to be correct at time of publication, but do not form part of any contract to sell.

We are always happy to consider offers on domain names, providing the listed asking price is taken into consideration.

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