Exact Match Domain Names For Sale

A domain name that exactly matches the product or service which it is promoting.

Alarm-Clocks.co.uk £995

ArtLessons.co.uk £995

Bagpiper.uk £895

BallChairs.co.uk £495

BallPools.co.uk £949

Bankrupt.co.uk £19,995

BathPanels.co.uk £1,995

BeachWraps.co.uk £749

BeautyBox.co.uk £3,995

BengalCats.uk £495

BichonFrise.co.uk £1,995

Blisters.co.uk £995

Bobsleighs.co.uk £1,995

BootFairs.co.uk £4,495

Bras.co.uk + Bras.uk £34,995

BucketLists.co.uk £2,495

BullTerrier.co.uk £1,995

CageFighter.co.uk £3,995

CakeMoulds.co.uk £495

ChairHire.uk £995

ChickenCoops.co.uk £1,995

Chiropody.uk £2,995

ChowChows.co.uk £1,995

Coach-Trips.co.uk £495

CollectableCars.co.uk £1,495

CommercialPropertyLaw.co.uk £1,495

ConvertibleCars.co.uk £3,995

Divorces.co.uk £19,995

DoubleBunkBeds.co.uk £949

EstateCars.co.uk £2,495

FootballTops.co.uk £1,995

FrenchBulldog.co.uk £1,995

FurniturePackages.co.uk £1,995

GermanFood.co.uk £1,995

GigDates.co.uk £1,495

HalalMortgages.co.uk £1,995

HandDryers.co.uk £4,995

Headteachers.co.uk £4,995

HeadTorches.co.uk £395

HomeSit.uk £1,995

HomeSitter.co.uk £2,495

HotelInspector.co.uk £9,995

IndoorGoKarting.co.uk £1,495

IndustrialScaffolding.co.uk £1,495

KingCharlesSpaniels.co.uk £1,995

KingSizeBeds.co.uk £995

LargePrint.co.uk £2,995

LuckyBags.co.uk £1,995

MarathonRunner.co.uk £1,995

Markets.co.uk £995,000

Marquee-Hire.co.uk £1,995

MenstrualCups.co.uk £2,995

MicroCaravans.uk £495

MiniaturePoodles.co.uk £1,495

MiniatureSchnauzers.co.uk £1,495

MiniRugby.co.uk £495

Mustangs.co.uk £1,995

Nutritionist.uk £2,995

OakFrames.co.uk £2,995

Opticals.co.uk £1,995

Orthodontist.uk £3,995

PaperShredders.co.uk £2,995

Pekingese.co.uk £1,995

Petsit.co.uk £7,995

Physie.co.uk £1,995

ProScooters.co.uk £749

Psychobilly.co.uk £749

Rabbits.co.uk £14,995

RadioAlarmClocks.co.uk £395

Reborns.co.uk £2,495

Safaris.co.uk £24,995

Scooterists.co.uk £1,995

Scotch-Whisky.co.uk £2,995

Scrambling.co.uk £2,995

Seashells.co.uk £4,995

SelfBuilding.co.uk £995

Sequestration.co.uk £2,995

SexEducation.co.uk £6,995

ShaleGas.co.uk £1,995

Single.uk £14,995

SmartDoors.co.uk £2,495

StampCollecting.co.uk £4,995

Super-Foods.co.uk £995

Tack.uk £2,995

Tech.uk £44,995

Toned.co.uk £9,995

ToyPoodles.co.uk £1,995

TributeActs.co.uk £4,995

Underfloor-Heating.co.uk £5,995

VenueDressing.co.uk £995

Vespas.co.uk £4,995

Voyages.co.uk £24,995

Wheelbarrows.uk £995


Use from first payment
All yours on final payment

Pay by instalment available on all domain names

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Exact Match Domain Names For Sale for sale via Brandwise
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George Marshall, the founder of Brandwise, has been buying and selling names on the domain aftermarket since 1999.

George is a Nominet Member and a Nominet Registrar, bound by both the Members' code and the Registrars' code of conduct. Specifically this requires Members to deal with any person, business or other organisation in a respectful, professional and courteous manner.

We guarantee that all domain sales and transfers are dealt with promptly and we continue to work with customers after the transfer of ownership to ensure that they have complete control of the purchased domain name via a Registrar of their choice. In short, we'll look after you.

As part of this commitment and to give you peace of mind when buying a domain name from us, we offer a third party escrow service via Transpact so that your money is safe until the domain name you are buying has been transferred to you.

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We are always happy to consider offers on domain names, providing the listed asking price is taken into consideration.

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